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Magical 200ml
Oral calcium suspension
Each 5ml contains Calcium 100mg
Phosphorus 51.5mg
Vitamin D3 401.U.
Vitamin B12 5mcg
Excepients q.s
For stronger bones For healthy skin & better muscuar health Prevention of reckits & ketosis.
Puppies - 5ml twice a day Adult Dogs - 10ml twice a day.

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VET WASH Anti Tick Soap 75 gm
Permethrin 7% Soap + Cetrimide 1% + Gama Benzene Hexachloride 0.1%
Acts against Ticks, Fleas, Mites, and Lice effectively.Eliminates arasites at all stages of their life cycle. Moisturizes the skin. Boosts healing process. Helps in maintaining healthy Hair coat. Provides soothing effect.
Give a bath to the animal with Luke warm water and clean-up the body. Apply Vet Wash Vet Soap liberally to work up a rich lather. Avoid contact with the sensitive regions such as Eyes & Ears. Allow the Soap to remain on the body for about 5-15 minutes depending upon intensity of infection. Rinse the body thoroughly with clean water.